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Wellness and Community Health Program

The Child Center is committed to improving the health and well-being of our clients, their families, and the community. Our Wellness Program is dedicated to providing necessary resources and support to our clients and their families to help them access support and services for healthcare, housing, job training, and other aspects of wellness that contribute to their success with us at TCC.

Here are some ways that the Wellness program helps enhance the mental and physical well-being of our clients and families:

    • Assisting clients and families apply for health insurance with certified application assisters
    • Connecting clients and family members to medical and dental care services
    • Facilitating parents with connections to vocational training and educational opportunities
    • Providing both resources and education regarding budget planning and nutritional support, particularly within specific financial capacities
    • Advocating and coordinating with various agencies associated with a client’s care
    • Engaging and linking clients to recreational and extra-curricular activities
    • Providing tobacco cessation screening, including referral to medical providers for cessation support
    • Outreach work with the other non-profit organizations to connect our clients with services already established in the community
    • A Community Partnership with Food for Lane County which supplies our food pantry at the Springfield Campus location
    • Providing transportation access to services/activities when lack of transportation acts as a barrier
    • Basic health screening and assessment, and subsequent education on preventative measures

For more information please call us at 541-726-1465 or speak with your therapist.

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