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Wellness and Community Health Program

The Child Center is committed to improving the health and well-being of our clients, their families and the community. Our goal is to develop a culture of wellness that will encourage lifelong healthy lifestyle choices and attitudes. In addition, the Wellness program is dedicated to providing the necessary resources and consistently promoting a supportive environment to effectively foster and maintain long lasting change.

The intent behind the creation of a wellness program is to help children achieve their healthy body composition, reach academic potential and acquire skills for lifelong well-being. Research indicates that obesity and other diet-related chronic diseases are largely preventable through improved nutrition and physical activity. The Child Center recognizes that developing healthy eating habits and increasing physical activity are essential for students to grow, learn and thrive.

Here are some ways that the Wellness program helps enhance the mental and physical well-being of our clients and families:

  • Assisting clients and families apply for health insurance withcertified application counselors. For contact information please visit our health insurance assistance page.
  • Connecting clients and family members to medical and dental care services.
  • Facilitating parents with connections to vocational training and educational opportunities.
  • Providing both resources and education regarding budget planning and nutritional support, particularly within specific financial capacities.

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  • Advocating and coordinating with various agencies associated with a client’s care.
  • Engaging and linking clients to recreational and extra-curricular activities.
  • Providing tobacco cessation screening, including referral to medical providers for cessation support.
  • Outreach work with the many non-profit organizations of Lane County to connect our clients with services already established in the community.
  • An established Community Partnership with Food for Lane County. Through this, we are able to provide healthy meals and food assistance for children and families, along with nutrition and cooking classes.
  • Providing transportation to services or activities when this is a barrier.
  • Basic health screening and assessment in office and subsequent education on preventative measures.

For more information contact:

Aaron Hay, Program Director,

Donna Wladyka, Wellness Coordinator, Certified Application Counselor, dwladyka@thechildcenter