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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer and Get Involved!

The Child Center encourages qualified members of the community to serve as volunteers and interns in its programs. The services provided by the volunteer community are an invaluable part of the program.

Volunteers provide support and ancillary services to children and staff in a defined manner that meets volunteer and The Child Center needs. Volunteers should possess attributes of openness, flexibility and must pass a criminal records check. Volunteers who work directly with children need some level of experience working with children with severe emotion or mental disorders. They must also have schedule flexibility to allow for at least eight hours a week and work on at least two days per week for a minimum of a six month period. Volunteering in other programs such as the library or fundraising allow for a shorter schedule.

For volunteer work in other areas of our program, an interest in the program and skills to result in a mutually satisfying experience for the volunteer and the agency are required.

Volunteers will be supervised by the program supervisor in the area they are primarily assigned.

To volunteer to work at The Child Center contact us at (541) 726-1465.