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Community Mental Health Resource Library

The Child Center has available to Lane County residents a wonderful resource library which covers a broad array of topics relating to children and families who are dealing with severe emotional and mental disorders. There are hundreds of books, journals, video tapes, and other resources on topics such as:
  • ADHD
  • adoption
  • alcohol and teens
  • alcoholism
  • anger management
  • child development
  • coping with life events such as death, accidents, new siblings, etc.
  • depression and/or suicide
  • divorce
  • fire setting
  • grandparents as parents
  • grief and loss
  • living with a mentally ill person
  • parenting
  • self-esteem
  • separation issues
  • sexual and physical abuse
  • speech and language issues
  • teaching tolerance
  • various resource directories.
The Resource Library is available to all community members. Currently due to COVID-19 the library is by appointment only. The library is at our Springfield Campus located at 3995 Marcola Road. Please call 541-726-1465 for additional information.