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Programs & Services

Our Programs

Mental Health Assessment

Mental Health Assessments are
completed by Qualified Mental Health Practitioners (QMHP) and last approximately 90 minutes.

Outpatient Services

Our Outpatient Services are for children, youth, and their families who have or are experiencing a life event or situation where counseling and support services would help.

Intensive Treatment Services (ITS)

Intensive Treatment Services provide access to therapeutic and support services for children and youth who need a higher level of intervention and support than our Outpatient and IOSS programs provide.

Intensive Outpatient Services and Supports (IOSS)

The Intensive Outpatient Services and Supports (IOSS) Program provides a specialized and individualized set of in-home and community based mental health services that are delivered in the most normal and least restrictive setting, the child’s home and at a public school. 

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

The Child Center’s ABA program has sadly closed.  Please contact us for more information about this closure. 

Crisis Response Program

The Crisis Response Program is available 24/7 across Lane County at 1-888-989-9990. This program provides response when a child or youth is experiencing a mental health crisis.

Collaborative Problem Solving Parenting Groups

Collaborative Problem-Solving classes are for parents, caregivers, and professionals! Integrating Collaborative Problem Solving skills into interactions with children, partners, and family members is one way to create a healthier relationship.

Community Health and Wellness

Our Peer Support Specialists can help families and youth dealing with stressors including food insecurity, housing concerns, and accessing healthcare while connecting them to community resources. Our Wellness Program also encompasses a food pantry and clothing closet in both Lane and Deschutes counties.

Resource Library

Available to Lane County residents, our Resource LIbrary covers a broad array of topics relating to children and families who are dealing with severe emotional and mental disorders. Choose from a good variety of books, journals, video tapes and other resources