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Lane County Programs

Intensive Treatment Services (ITS)

Day Treatment at TCC Springfield Campus

The Intensive Day Treatment Program (ITS) offers an integrated treatment and education program geared towards children who have severe emotional and behavioral issues and are not succeeding in regular public school settings. Individual therapy, group therapy, and an individualized academic program are provided 5 days per week year round. Family therapy is provided weekly.

The Child Center’s Intensive Day Treatment Program provides integrated psychiatric day treatment and special education services at our Marcola Road campus for children between the ages of 4 and 12, whose primary condition, at the time of admission, is diagnosed to be severe mental, emotional and/or behavioral disorder as determined by an individualized comprehensive assessment. 

Children appropriate for this level of service will:

  • Generally have demonstrated a lack of response to less intensive interventions
  • Often have multi-system involvement
  • Along with family, be willing to actively engaged in treatment
  • Often have multiple diagnoses
  • Have experienced a signifiant disruption in level of functioning compared with peers
  • Have experienced mental/emotional or behavioral disturbances for at least one year. In  cases where the disturbance has existed for less than one year, the child will present substantial risk of developing a long-term emotional disturbance, self-harm,  or harming others if they do not receive treatment

Family participation and adult services are a crucial component of the overall treatment program. 

The Child Center service area for day treatment is considered to be primarily Lane County, although children and families from nearby counties are sometimes admitted if transportation barriers can be addressed.

Children not accepted into The Child Center’s ITS Day Treatment programs include children ages thirteen and older for our Springfield Campus, children younger than 3 years of age, children whose primary condition is severe intellectual disability, moderate to severe forms of autism, and those children who, based on an intake assessment, would not benefit from therapy. 


High School Program


The ITS High School program is on the campus of Springfield High School and serves children ages 14-17. Although the program offers the same array of services as our main campus ITS program, it differs in offering students the ability to earn high school credits through an online academic program in addition to accessing group therapy.   

 For both the TCC Springfield Campus and high school programs, referrals can only be made by the child’s legal guardian.


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Full Array of Services

Families receive a full array of medically appropriate services as identified in their Service Plan, including but not limited to crisis prevention and intervention, care coordination, case management, individual, group and family therapy, psychiatric services, skills training, family support services, interdisciplinary team, and Wellness services.

All children accepted into the Intensive Day Treatment Program have or will meet the following criteria:

  • Difficulty maintaining behaviors in a regular classroom setting
  • Experienced a significant disruption in level of functioning for an extended period of time (typically more than 6 months)
  • Demonstrated need for higher level of care than IOSS Day Treatment
  • Family and youth willing to engage in treatment actively   
For more information contact our Intake office at (541) 726-1465 or by visiting our Intake Form Here

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