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Intensive Outpatient Services and Supports (IOSS)


The Intensive Outpatient Services and Supports (IOSS) Program provides a specialized and individualized set of in-home and community based mental health services that are delivered in the most normal and least restrictive setting, the child’s home and at a public school. The Child Center offers both an IOSS Community Based Outpatient Program- the IOSS Unit, and two IOSS Day Treatment Programs, one located at Centennial Elementary and the other at Cascade Middle School.


IOSS Intensive Outpatient Unit


The Child Center’s Intensive Outpatient Services and Supports (IOSS) Outpatient Unit provides intensive therapeutic and behavioral support to children and their families who are residents of Lane County.

We serve children ages 3 to 18 who are having difficulty functioning in their home, school and/or community settings due to a variety of life circumstances, traumatic events or emotional disorders.

Treatment services use wraparound processes to create a Child and Family Team that directs treatment and provides individualized care for each child in order to achieve positive outcomes.

Children appropriate for this level of service will:

  • Generally have demonstrated a lack of response to less intensive interventions.
  • Often have multi-system involvement
  • Must have a medical card open for duration of service
  • Youth and family willing to actively engaged in treatment

The IOSS Unit provides a wide variety of intensive therapeutic services including psychiatric consultation, care coordination, family therapy, individual therapy, wellness services, crisis response, skill building, and behavior support services in the child’s community (i.e. home, school, etc.)

Referrals can only be made by the child’s legal guardian. Services are dependent on having and maintaining a medical card.


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IOSS Day Treatment

This program offers an integrated treatment and education program geared towards elementary aged children, ages 5-13 who have severe mental, emotional and behavioral disorders and who have been identified through a mental health assessment as needing this level of care.

Individual therapy, group therapy and individualized academic programs are provided at two locations; one each in the Bethel and Springfield School districts. Families receive a full array of medically appropriate services as identified in their Service Plan, including but not limited to crisis prevention and intervention, care coordination, case management, individual, group and family therapy, psychiatric services, skills training, family support services, Child and Family Team treatment and Wellness services.

The Child Center’s Intensive School Based Program provides services to children whose primary handicapping condition, at the time of admission, is diagnosed to be severe mental, emotional and behavioral disorder as determined by an individualized comprehensive assessment.

All children accepted into the Intensive School Based Program have or will meet the following criteria:

·       Difficulty maintaining behaviors in a regular classroom setting

·       Experienced a significant disruption in level of functioning for an                 extended period of time (typically more than 6 months)

·       Open medical card for duration of services

·       Demonstrated need for higher level of care than IOSS Outpatient Unit

·       Family and youth willing to engage in treatment actively

·       Approved for treatment by Trillium Behavioral Health.       

Both boys and girls are equally eligible. Family participation and adult services are a crucial component of the overall treatment program. Families are regarded as equal team members and services are developed on the strengths of the family directed at achieving successful functioning in the home, school and community. The Child Center service area is considered to be primarily Lane County, although children and families from nearby counties are sometimes admitted if the transportation problems can be adequately solved.

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