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Day Treatment Programs

The Child Center’s Campus and Community-Based Day Treatment programs serve children from pre-school through High School who have serious mental health disorders.

These therapeutic and special education programs offer intensive campus based and school-based settings. Depending on the child’s circumstances and individual treatment plan, service may take place in small classroom settings at The Child Center’s Marcola Road campus or in community schools.

Our Day Treatment programs are designed for children with a mental health diagnosis and have more difficulty functioning than their peers. Most have experienced mental, emotional or behavioral difficulties for at least a year. We also consider children who have a high risk for developing a long-term emotional disorder or harming themselves or others if they do not receive treatment.

Day treatment services are available for children of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds who live at home, in foster care, with relatives, in blended families, or in other arrangements.

Since family participation is such a crucial part of treatment, families receive a full array of medically appropriate services as identified in their individualized plan of care, including: safety/crisis plans; care coordination; case management; individual, group and family therapy; psychiatric services; skills training; family support services; respite care; and team-driven service coordination planning.

Our Day Treatment programs are not designed for children with moderate intellectual disabilities, moderate to severe forms of autism, or others who would not benefit from the program.

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We offer this integrated psychiatric day treatment and specialized education program in public elementary and middle school settings. This program is for children with emotional, behavioral or mental health disorders, and who are able to be safe and successful in the public school setting. When the child is ready, we can mainstream him or her into the regular school classes with therapeutic support.

The Child Center’s Intensive Day Treatment Program provides integrated psychiatric day treatment and specialized education services to children between the ages of 4 and 12 at our Marcola Road Campus, and 14-17 at Springfield High School. This is for children with a severe emotional, behavioral or mental health disorder, when less-intensive mental health services aren’t enough. 

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