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Collaborative Problem Solving - Parent Groups

The Child Center is proud to offer training in Collaborative Problem-Solving for parents, caregivers, and professionals! The Child Center is enthusiastically integrating Collaborative Problem Solving theory into our array of strategies to build family relationships, parental efficacy, and the coping skills of children. We are excited and committed to offer our community an interactive opportunity to learn more about Collaborative Problem Solving, bring it into homes in a practical fashion, and successfully apply the Collaborative Problem Solving skills with Lane County’s youth.

Through parent and family education our CPS groups provide learning and support for parents and foster parents to decrease negative or undesirable behaviors, develop positive communication between parent and child, and help parents teach needed life skills to their children or foster children in the areas of problem solving, emotional regulation and frustration tolerance. These skills allow children to better handle the demands and stresses placed on them by school, siblings, peers and parents.

We have several groups to meet your needs!

Level 1 Group:  This 4 week introductory class covers the basics of Collaborative Problem Solving, an exciting, research based approach to parenting.  Although the CPS approach was designed to work with explosive or challenging children, it works wonderfully with typically developing children as well.  Participants learn through a lively combination of instruction, discussion, small group activities and supplemental reading.*

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Level 2 Group:  The next 4 weeks build on the basics and focuses on applying CPS principles to everyday family situations.  Group members are required to have participated in a Level 1 group or an equivalent (exceptions must be pre-approved by an instructor).  Participants learn through interaction with the presenters and other group members as they bring real-life situations to the group for review and fine-tuning.  Please check our schedule for start dates!*

*Our Level 1 and Level 2 groups are now offered together as an 8 week course.  We have daytime and evening classes available.

Build a Better Plan B (Monday):  Drop-in group:  In person or via the Internet!

An ongoing, open-membership group from Noon to 1:00PM every Monday.  The group is for parents wanting to learn more about Collaborative Problem Solving and applying it to everyday parent-child interactions.  Participants should have some experience at using CPS. Parents can attend to begin the process of change at home, as a refresher, to make up a missed class or for a reminder of CPS principles.  It is a also a helpful addition to families receiving therapeutic services.

Kids Skills Group:  Offered, when possible, for kids while their parents learn about CPS in Level 1 or Level 2.  The Kid’s Group explores CPS by learning about some kids named Raymond, Mike and Michelle who have struggles in their own lives and figure out some creative ways to problem-solve!  The group focuses on expressing what’s bugging them, listening, and brainstorming….just the sorts of things that will help them through Plan B!

Information about the groups, schedules and related materials can be found at

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