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The Child Center is a non-profit human services agency offering a continuum of intensive community-based psychiatric treatment programs and support services for children with serious mental, emotional and behavioral disorders and their families. The Child Center is certified to provide both Community Mental Health Treatment Services for Children (Outpatient) and
Intensive Mental Health Treatment Services (ITS).

Lane County programs

The Child Center is open for referrals to all programs offered from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. An Intake Coordinator is able to respond quickly to calls made by parents and others in the community who have concerns about children with behavior and emotional challenges. Contact the Intake Office (541) 726-1465

Outpatient Services - Bend

In June of 2011, The Child Center launched the opening of our Outpatient Clinic in Bend. The Child Center Outpatient program located in Bend is open from 9am until 7pm Monday through Friday. We serve children, adolescents, adults and families. Individual, family and group therapy is provided five days per week year round. Additional services provided by our clinic include Psychiatric Consultation and Medication Management. Our Outpatient Clinic accepts referrals from Pacific Source, Deschutes County Behavioral Health, local agencies, hospitals,insurance companies and local practioners as well as private pay clients. Sliding scale fees are accepted. Please call, 542-728-0062 to schedule an appointment.

Intensive Day Treatment Services - Central Oregon

The Intensive Day Treatment Program led by The Child Center, became a community partner of Deschutes County in 2011. We currently serve students age 5-12. ITS Classroom is currently housed at The Brown Education Center in Redmond, Oregon. All students in Day Treatment are covered under the educational umbrella of the High District Education Service (HDESD). Referrals from Deschutes County residents are generated by Deschutes County Behavioral Health (541) 322-7500. School Pay as well as referrals from Crook and Jefferson Counties will be considered. Please call 541-316-2860 to speak with our Program Director.


The Intensive Day Treatment Program began in 1971. This program offers an integrated treatment and education program geared towards children ages 3-12 who have severe emotional and behavioral problems and are not succeeding in regular public school settings. Individual therapy, group therapy and an individualized academic program are provided five days per week year round. Family therapy is provided weekly.

In 1979 we began to offer an Outpatient Counseling Program. Therapists work with children ages 0 to 20 and their families. In 1998 we began offering counseling services to adults. Counselors provide treatment in the forms of individual therapy, group therapy, school consultation, couple or marriage counseling, family therapy and parent education groups. In addition, the outpatient program offers community based assessment services. These services can occur in our offices in Eugene or Springfield, the client’s home or at participating schools and medical clinics throughout Lane County and Deschutes County. This is a fee for service program.


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Care Coordination

Children and families receiving Intensive Community Based Treatment and Support (ICTS) services from The Child Center, through the level of need determination process, have available to them Care Coordination services as defined in OAR 309-032-1240 through 309-032-1305. These services will include facilitating communication between family, natural supports, community resources and involved child-serving providers and agencies, organizing, facilitating and participating in team meetings at which strengths and needs are identified and safety planning occurs, creating linkages to and managing transitions between levels of care and transitions for older youth to adult services.

If the family decides to use a Child Center Care Coordinator, this person will assist the family develop a child and family team. A Provisional Individual Services and Support Plan will be developed at the team’s first meeting.

An Individual Services and Support Plan (ISSP) will be completed within 30 days from the date provider receives an authorized request for ICTS services. This plan will be reviewed and revised quarterly by the Child and Family team. The plan will include at a minimum those elements as defined in OAR 309-032-1260 and as defined in the Lane Care document “Admission Criteria/Procedures For Children’s Intensive Community-Based Treatment Services and Support Services”.

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